[concurrency-interest] ThreadPool with maximum idle thread size?

Sam Berlin sberlin at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 13:25:11 EST 2006

Hi Folks,

I'm looking into converting some of our custom thread pools to use
Java 5's concurrent package.  This will eliminate some of the bugs
with our packages, and let the code be a bit more interoperable with
other libraries.  One thing I'm looking for in the concurrent pools is
the ability to limit the number of idle threads.  I see settings for
the 'core size' (the number that will always remain alive, once
started), the 'maximum size' (the number to allow at most), and the
length of time that threads over the core size will remain alive, but
I don't see anything that can limit the number of idle threads.  The
goal behind this is to allow the threads to be created during peak
times (and thus the maximum size can't be used), but to not allow them
to linger for so long.  An alternative to a maximum idle size could be
a variable linger time, depending on how many idle threads there are
(for instance, > 0 idle == 5 seconds linger, > 5 == 2 seconds linger,
> 15 == no linger).

I've looked into the source to see if it's possible to do this by
subclassing ThreadPool and inserting hooks, but there doesn't seem to
be any easy way.

Any suggestions, or reasons why this functionality may not be a good idea?


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