[concurrency-interest] A plea to applaud

studdugie studdugie at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 12:35:36 EST 2006

I just wanted to applaud the jsr166x team for enabling a problem
which, just this instant, materialized for me a better design solution
for some code that I'm writing.

Originally, this email started out as a plea to optimize
ConcurrentSkipListSet's toArray methods, which it doesn't have. It
acquiesces to AbstractCollection. As I drafted the email in my mind I
begun crafting the arguments for why it should be optimized, not by
using theoretical logic (BigO notation), but instead my specific
UseCase. I wanted to drive the point home that toArray means something
to _me_ in the program I'm writing _now_. As I reconstructed in my
mind how the class works and why toArray was a problem for it, it
suddenly dawned on me that there was a better way to do what I was
doing w/o resorting to toArray. With the right dataset the new design
can be +100% faster than the old. So I wanted to thank you, because if
toArray performed half as well as it can I probably never would have
arrived at my new design.


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