[concurrency-interest] a question regarding nested synchronized()

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Yechiel Fefer,


( 1 ) objectA remains locked.

( 2 ) the locks are released in the opposite order that the they were made;
that means, using this kind of synchronization, you will always have
something like this:


Lock A

   Lock B

      Lock C

      Unlock C

   Unlock B

Unlock A


Best regards,

Paula Mangas



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Say a Thread  does:=========== 





  my questions: 

1. is the command  objectB.wait();, which is called by the thread  ,
releasing the lock on object A too, or does objectA remains locked

   since it is not the monitor used for the wait() ?  (My guess is that
objectA remains locked) 
2. If the answer to 1. is yes,  in which order are the locks released ? 

Yechiel Fefer  


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