[concurrency-interest] Detecting Killed Threads and Restarting them automatically

Peter Veentjer alarmnummer at gmail.com
Mon Jul 3 08:26:18 EDT 2006

If a thread isn't runnable anymore (isn't alive) it can change state
anymore (it is going to be garbage collected).

If a task throws an RuntimeException (it can't throw a checked
exception because the runnable interface doesn't allow this) it is
caught and the 'afterExecute' method is called. You can override this
method in a subclass of ThreadPoolExecutor or in your case a subclass
of the ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor (why isn't a error policy/strategy
used instead of the current construction??)

Throwable's (that are not exceptions) shouldn't be caught anyway
because you can't make any guarantees about the stability of the
system anymore.

I'm working on a concurrency library that contains the Repeater (and
the ThreadpoolRepeater). The repeater is a construct that is made for
continuous running of a single runnable by multiple threads. It has
the same configuration for delays and periods). Personally I prefer
this construct more because it gives me more control and makes it more
clear what it does. I'm going to opensource this library in the near

On 7/3/06, verma.kr at tcs.com <verma.kr at tcs.com> wrote:
> Hi Friends,
>         I am new to concurrency field so pardon me for my ignorance.
>         I am trying to create a Pool of Threads using
> ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor class as follows:
>         ScheduledExecutorService service = new
> ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor(5)
>         After that i submit 5 tasks each implemeting runnable ..all these
> tasks are supposed to run infinitely in a while loop.
>         My doubt is that if at any stage one of the threads is killed due to
> RunTime Exception or some critical error in code being executed, then
>         is there a mechanism by which i can detect Thread termination and
>         If it can be automatically done that shall be great.
>         Please advice.
> Thanks And Regards,
>  Verma Rohit Kumar
>  Tata Consultancy Services Limited
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