[concurrency-interest] Thread Pools

Martin Buchholz Martin.Buchholz at Sun.COM
Mon Jul 24 23:11:49 EDT 2006

Patrick Eger wrote On 07/24/06 10:54,:
> I appreciate all your replies, and I definitely realize the design
> tradeoffs that need to be made for the sake of efficiency. I believe I
> tried to hack in the below "poll() before idling thread" + "keep approx
> idle count" approach into the JDK code, though I was not very familiar
> with the code and gave up quickly. 

ThreadPoolExecutor.java is one of the most difficult classes in the JDK.
An early dolphin snapshot should have a new and improved version,
for reasons unrelated to your request.

I just filed Sun bug:

6452337: ThreadPoolExecutor should prefer reusing idle threads


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