[concurrency-interest] Ensure Callable.call is invoked fromconstructing thread?

Thomas Hawtin tackline at tackline.plus.com
Fri Jun 9 12:31:54 EDT 2006

Kris Schneider wrote:
> I need to ensure that a Callable is called from the same thread within 
> which it was constructed:

> The two approaches that immediately came to mind were to use a reference 
> object or System.identityHashCode(Thread.currentThread()). Any thoughts on 
> which might be better or if there are other approaches that are better 
> still? Thanks.

System.identityHashCode does not produce unique values. A very common 
mistake - the documentation is a bit poor.

I guess Thread.currentThread().getId() should work (since 1.5), as 
should new WeakReference<Thread>(Thread.currentThread()).

Tom Hawtin

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