[concurrency-interest] overridden done method not working

Christopher Kin Chung Au cau at aspecthuntley.com.au
Thu Mar 2 18:42:51 EST 2006

 I made a post earlier where I said the future task cancel method was
   not working and was suggested to override the done method. I have
   since used a test program to understand the mechanics behind cancel
   and done and it all seems to work and indeed it does seem to be the
   case where when I run the cancel method the done method does get
   I have tried to apply the test concepts to the real development and
   find this to be an issue. The  idea of what I am trying to do is to
   have a parent futuretask which creates multiple child futures. When I
   overrode the the done method on the parent futuretask and called
   cancel the done method does not get called immediate even though the
   iscancelled method and isdone method both return true. The overridden
   done method only gets called when all the child futures have finished
   executing. Is there somthing I am doing wrong???
   Any help will be appreciated thanks,

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