[concurrency-interest] Timestamps-based ConcurrentMap

Jean Morissette jean.morissette at gmail.com
Thu Mar 9 18:54:42 EST 2006


In ConcurrentHashMap, iterators are designed to be used by only one
thread at a time.  However, I would like to have a ConcurrentMap
implementation where iterators could be used by many threads at time,
in a consistent way.  These iterators should reflect the state of the
map at the creation of the iterator, independently of the map update

Is-there a class somewhere that achieve this behaviour?  IMO, it would
be a nice addition to j.u.concurrent package.  Or, is there any plan
to create it in the future?

Otherwise, I will try to develop it myself, maybe by assigning a
timestamps to each entry and iterator. Or, do you have others


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