[concurrency-interest] Equivalent of scheduleAtFixedRate() for Callable

Joe Bowbeer joe.bowbeer at gmail.com
Sat Mar 25 18:27:22 EST 2006

On 3/25/06, Andrew Lentvorski <bsder at allcaps.org> wrote:
> Is the lack of scheduleAtFixedRate() et al. for Callable a conscious
> design decision or is it just an oversight?  Or, in slightly different
> form, is there some minefield with Callable and scheduleAtFixedRate()
> that the experts know about that I'm about to go plowing into?

Yes it was conscious.  Runnable seemed like a better match to periodic
execution, conceptually.

I don't think I understand how you would like the periodic execution
for Callable to be implemented.  (In my mind's eye, scheduling a
Callable for periodic execution would be like one hand clapping..)


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