[concurrency-interest] ConcurrentNavigableMap additional methods: 6415641

Joshua Bloch josh at bloch.us
Mon May 1 02:35:03 EDT 2006

Congrats Jason!  Did you get the machine?  Way cool.

That said, I'm with Doug and Tim on this API issue.



On 4/30/06, Doug Lea <dl at cs.oswego.edu> wrote:
> Jason Mehrens wrote:
> > The only use case I can think of would be clearing a global cache and using
> > the resulting Map to log the entries ejected from the cache at that point in
> > time.  ...  Which is why it "might" be useful to have a drainTo specified in
> > the interface.
> Well, I'm afraid I'm with Tim that it's probably not worth adding to API.
> If there were such a thing as a BlockingNavigableMap
> (i.e., that extended ConcurrentNavigableMap to support
> methods like takeFirst), then drainTo should
> surely be in such an API. But no one has asked us for such
> a thing yet.
> (BTW, everyone should congratulate Jason for winning the Sun Mustang
> Regression contest by pointing out failure to maintain interrupt
> conventions in our SynchronousQueue update!)
> -Doug
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