[concurrency-interest] Implementing Cache

Tutika Chakravarthy chakritsus at yahoo.com
Fri May 12 05:50:34 EDT 2006

> Note that the FutureTask "trick" is useful when
computing a new value
> for the cache can take a long time.  If the
computation time is not an
> issue, however, then you can cache the raw values
directly rather than
> using a FutureTask (which can be thought of as a
promise to produce a
> value)

Sorry for my previous post

Thanks for quick reply. Actually our cache requires
this feature. if someone calls get() , if data is not
present in the Cache , we should load it from DataBase
So we are planning to use FeatureTask for achiveing
this .

Since we used FeatureTask in get() method , we will
use  FutureTask in put method also , even though there
is no "task" involved in it .

Thanks again for your suggestion.

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