[concurrency-interest] AtomicReferenceweakCompareAndSet "Mayfailspuriously"?

Shaffer, Darron Darron_Shaffer at stercomm.com
Tue May 30 14:25:18 EDT 2006

So, as you turn the crank some display would say something like:

   Read of this.field, possible values: 5, 25, 17.

This would be a real challenge to write.  Not just making it figure out
all the possibilities from multiple threads, but also coming up with a
clear an usable display.  And a properly written program would make *no*
use of the hardest part of the work!

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I'm ready for the visible VM. Just turn the crank very, very slowly and 
all will be revealed. So in this case the surprising/not 
apparent/spurious/data race order is "read null, write int[], read 
int[], write int[]{1}".


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