[concurrency-interest] who uses backport-util-concurrent?

Dawid Kurzyniec dawidk at mathcs.emory.edu
Fri Nov 10 20:36:18 EST 2006

Hello everybody,

I am building the "projects that use backport-util-concurrent" section 
on the backport Web page 
(http://dcl.mathcs.emory.edu/util/backport-util-concurrent/). Currently 
I have "Retrotranslator" and "Glazed Lists", but I know that there are 
many more out there. If your project uses the backport and you'd like to 
have it linked from the backport page, please send me the following:

* project name
* 1-3 sentences of description
* if you feel like, a "user's testimonial"

BTW, new backport release is coming. It will include a surprise: a new 
version / branch, optimized for Java 5.0. (And, also, another one that 
works with Java 1.2 and 1.3).

What's the point of backporting to 5.0? Well, one thing is that the 
backport actually has 6.0 stuff. But more importantly, I've heard of 
people who decide to continue to use the backport on Java 5.0, since 
they don't want to change their applications just yet, as they want to 
keep them portable between 5.0 and 1.4. If so, why not letting them have 
native speed? Stay tuned.

Dawid Kurzyniec

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