[concurrency-interest] who uses backport-util-concurrent?

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Sat Nov 11 05:26:48 EST 2006

Hi Dawid!

Here it is:

Project name: TestNG

URL: http://testng.org

	Cedric Beust
	Alexandru Popescu


TestNG is a testing framework inspired from JUnit and NUnit but introducing some new functionalities 
that make it more powerful and easier to use, such as:

     * JDK 5 Annotations (JDK 1.4 is also supported with JavaDoc annotations).
     * Flexible test configuration.
     * Support for data-driven testing (with @DataProvider).
     * Support for parameters.
     * Allows distribution of tests on slave machines.
     * Powerful execution model (no more TestSuite).
     * Supported by a variety of tools and plug-ins (Eclipse, IDEA, Maven, etc...).
     * Embeds BeanShell for further flexibility.
     * Default JDK functions for runtime and logging (no dependencies).
     * Dependent methods for application server testing.

TestNG is designed to cover all categories of tests:  unit, functional, end-to-end, integration, etc...

(taken from the TestNG main page)

Backport Usage:
	TestNG enables running various configurations in "parallel" (concurrent) mode. Tests, methods or 
even individual methods can be configured to run in parallel. As TestNG is able to run on both JDK5 
and JDK1.4 (using either JDK annotated tests or javadoc-like annotated tests) it uses 
backport-concurrent-util for implementing the "parallel" strategy for JDK1.4.
	I have defined small wrapper interfaces (containing a very small subset of API that we need) for 
the concurrent part that are implemented using either JDK5 concurrent classes or 
backport-concurrent-util classes.


.w( the_mindstorm )p.
   TestNG co-founder
EclipseTestNG Creator

#: Dawid Kurzyniec changed the world a bit at a time by saying (astral date: 11/11/2006 3:36 AM) :#
> Hello everybody,
> I am building the "projects that use backport-util-concurrent" section 
> on the backport Web page 
> (http://dcl.mathcs.emory.edu/util/backport-util-concurrent/). Currently 
> I have "Retrotranslator" and "Glazed Lists", but I know that there are 
> many more out there. If your project uses the backport and you'd like to 
> have it linked from the backport page, please send me the following:
> * project name
> * URL
> * 1-3 sentences of description
> * if you feel like, a "user's testimonial"
> BTW, new backport release is coming. It will include a surprise: a new 
> version / branch, optimized for Java 5.0. (And, also, another one that 
> works with Java 1.2 and 1.3).
> What's the point of backporting to 5.0? Well, one thing is that the 
> backport actually has 6.0 stuff. But more importantly, I've heard of 
> people who decide to continue to use the backport on Java 5.0, since 
> they don't want to change their applications just yet, as they want to 
> keep them portable between 5.0 and 1.4. If so, why not letting them have 
> native speed? Stay tuned.
> Regards,
> Dawid Kurzyniec
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