[concurrency-interest] multi-core cpus & java

David Holmes dcholmes at optusnet.com.au
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Generally speaking using multi-core is fairly transparent to the OS and
completely transparent to a JVM that uses native OS threads. It is also
transparent to an application.

Performance-wise, however, the tuning that makes the OS/JVM/app run well on
a n-way SMP, is different to that needed on an n-core UP (or a k-core l-way
SMP - where k*l=n). It depends on the particular architecture as to what
hardware facilities the cores share - for example the memory interface.

Application tuning on such systems needs to be considered at deploy time as
there is no runtime facility in the VM to determine the nature of the
underlying processors.

Other's may be able to give more specific details.

David Holmes
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  1. What do an operating-system have to do in order to make a good use of
multi-core ?  Which OS are well-adapted for multi-core ?
  2. What do a Jvm have to do in order to make a good use of multi-core ?
Which Jvms are well-adapted for multi-core ?
  3  What about java applications- ?

  If you have usefull links-that will be great

  Yechiel Fefer
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