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Defined by the end user???? through interfaces or some other means...

David Holmes <dcholmes at optusnet.com.au> wrote:         How do you define and measure the "weight" of an object?  
 David Holmes
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   A small proposal for adding a new    class in the concurrent package.
   All bounded collection are bounded    to avoid to use to much memory.(At least in my case J).
   But the element put in those    collections are often with different size. 
   In my case  BoundedQueue is    used as an event queue and we can have composite events which contains itself    many events.
   What do you think about adding    some bounded collection no more based on the count but on the sum of the    weight of the object inside?
   After a quick look on the code of    the LinkedBoundedQueue it seems pretty easy to  do.
   Does somebody else can see the    advantage of this kind of object and is there enough people interested to make    it a part of the concurrent package?
   Thierry Hanot     

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