[concurrency-interest] Deamon thread Factory

Tim Peierls tim at peierls.net
Fri Oct 20 10:45:12 EDT 2006

Daemon threads should be used sparingly, for reasons given in Sec 7.4.2 of
JCiP. Adding such a method to Executors would inevitably encourage people to
use daemon threads even where inappropriate. Better to have the folks who
really need a daemonThreadFactory() method roll their own. It's easy enough:

public static ThreadFactory daemonThreadFactory() {
    final ThreadFactory f = Executors.defaultThreadFactory();
    return new ThreadFactory() {
        public Thread newThread(Runnable r) {
            Thread t = f.newThread(r);
            return t;


On 10/20/06, Kasper Nielsen <kav at it.edu> wrote:
> Hi,
> I find myself using daemon threads quite often. However the utility
> class Executors lacks methods for this. It would be nice with an easy
> way to create daemon threads.
> Perhaps a static ThreadFactory daemonThreadFactory(); method
> - Kasper
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