[concurrency-interest] unknown version of concurrent backport

OKeeffe, Michael K MOKEEFFE at amfam.com
Wed Sep 6 11:10:11 EDT 2006

We are using a very limited part of it and I have checked the backlogs
looking for bug fixes in the classes we are using but without finding
anything critical. I can confess that the size of the jar is one of
the biggest concerns in our case (TestNG: http://testng.org) and the
latest backport-util distributions have doubled their sizes (probably
I may try to trim it down to just the classes we need, but I usually
don't like modifying the distributions because IANAL).

Any advise?


>From a user standpoint I would highly recommend trimming down the
distribution if you only use a fraction of it.  I recently installed
some software that, to build, required cygwin (50MB?) and Python
(10MB?).   Fortunately they also supplied just the few utilities from
cygwin required (make for sure, directory utilities, and a few others),
and Python (header files, .dll, and Python code), which made it a snap
to build.  

This is also what makes installing software on Linux a mess (various,
conflicting c libraries), although there are also utilities that seem to
make this easier.  I think in your specific case, where it is just one
jar or so, it might not be as big an issue, but if you have many other
dependencies, i.e. Apache, Spring, etc, then it adds up.

My 2c from a user perspective.


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