[concurrency-interest] unknown version of concurrent backport

Dawid Kurzyniec dawidk at mathcs.emory.edu
Wed Sep 6 20:16:11 EDT 2006

Alexandru Popescu wrote:
> We are using a very limited part of it and I have checked the backlogs
> looking for bug fixes in the classes we are using but without finding
> anything critical. I can confess that the size of the jar is one of
> the biggest concerns in our case (TestNG: http://testng.org) and the
> latest backport-util distributions have doubled their sizes (probably
> I may try to trim it down to just the classes we need, but I usually
> don't like modifying the distributions because IANAL).
> Any advise?

That JAR was an early prototype, even before the first public release. 
If you're really using only a few files, you might be able to pick them 
up from the backport source distribution, what may let you save even 
more space. The backport is public-domain so there is absolutely no 
licensing concerns - you can do whatever the heck you want with it. 
(That's why I love JSR 166 :)

If all your stuff works then maybe this is not critical indeed, but the 
early versions of backport had a few nasty little bugs that would come 
up only on some platforms. The version you're using wasn't even 
unit-tested. It's your call...


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