[concurrency-interest] BoundedPriorityBlockingQueue ?

rbalamohan rbalamohan at sonoasystems.com
Tue Sep 12 23:20:40 EDT 2006

Hi Hanson,

In simplistic terms, It has to follow the same semantics of BQ. David's
question is valid as well which can be rectified in a way. I am just
proposing one such thought. It might have some caveats. Please feel free
to suggest a better solution.

1. BPQ will have multiple PQs with specific priorities. (public
BoundedPriorityBlockingQueue(int priorityCount, int capacity) {})
2. However from external user point of view, it should seen as a single
3. When a job is submitted with a priority, it should get enqueued in
the appropriate PQ of the BPQ. (May be we can use some BitSet for
checking if the queues of BPQ is empty or not)
4. When a get() is called, it should always return an element from the
top priority queue in BPQ.
5. If all the PQs are empty in BPQ, we need to block block.


On Tue, 2006-09-12 at 19:18 -0700, Hanson Char wrote:

> you use a blocking put() t
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