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  I think if it does as David said, the optimization should happend  at compile time or  VM  runtime.
  it is a lower level skill for application developer. is right?

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  Is such optimization only applicable to final fields, but not instance member fields in general ?  Does this mean if a final field is accessed more than once in a method, it's always faster to assign it first to a local variable ? 


  On 9/21/06, David Holmes <dcholmes at optusnet.com.au> wrote:
    This was an optimization to work around a VM "glitch" which where the final field is loaded on each access (as a normal field would be) rather than loading it once. To avoid this it is copied to a local variable.

    David Holmes
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      when I read ThreadPoolExecutor code ,I found it's declare the mainLock use "final" ,

        private final ReentrantLock mainLock = new ReentrantLock();

      many method use the lock  guarding state, use case as follow:

           final ReentrantLock mainLock = this.mainLock;
              try {
                  // some code 
              } finally {

      My question is the instance field already use "final" to mainLock, 
      why every method need copy mainLock reference to final  local var.

      this puzzle me,who can tell me why ? thanks.

      Best regards,

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