[concurrency-interest] Java 6 support in backport-concurrent

Holger Hoffstätte holger at wizards.de
Tue Aug 14 05:25:08 EDT 2007

Greg Luck wrote:
> The best answer for me is for backport-concurrent to support Java 6.  

I guess Dawid just didn't find the time to do it yet. He's on this list
and will hopefully chime in.

> If I cannot get assurances that your patch will be applied and released
> in next little while, then the next best answer is to drop
> backport-concurrent in the next version of ehcache. 1.4 users can
> continue to use the backport-concurrent version until they upgrade to
> Java 5.

There's no reason to ditch the backport - Java6 users can just use the
1.4-flavored backport version! It's what I've been using and it works fine
on all JDKs. The performance impact is a lot less than expected; overall
performance improvements in the Java6 VM outweigh the concurrency bits by
a large factor. Add any kind of I/O to the mix and it becomes even less of
a problem.
If you want to move ehcache to Java5 in order to take advantage of
generics and new methods, you can continue to support JDK 1.4 deployment
by using retrotranslator (on SourceForge).


PS: ehcache is really neat and easy to use, I like it a lot :)

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