[concurrency-interest] ThreadPoolExecutor workQueue concurrencyissue

David Holmes dcholmes at optusnet.com.au
Tue Dec 11 04:15:17 EST 2007

How do you define "some kind of fairness" ?

When staged/pipelined designs start to saturate like that, you might see if
you can duplicate the stages to achieve greater parallelism.

David Holmes
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  We built an application in a SEDA fashion, working in stages from one
ThreadPool to another.
  We found out that the BlockingQueue used by the ThreadPoolExecutor became
a major concurrency killer when we start working on 4 cores machines and
  The thing is that we don't really need the strong FIFO behavior forced by
all the BlockingQueue implementations available, some kind of fairness will
be good enough.
  Any ideas?


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