[concurrency-interest] TheadLocal variable usage inReentrantReadWriteLock

David Holmes dcholmes at optusnet.com.au
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Hi Rob,

Yes this is a known issue in Java 6. I think there's been some discussion on
the list if you search the archive. Otherwise see:


The number of RRWL used in an application was expected to be relatively
small given that their benefits only become apparent in certain use-cases.
So the ThreadLocal overhead wasn't expected to be a significant issue.

For Java 7 the best solution might be to make the read counts optional.
Other approaches are also being looked at.

David Holmes

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  I'm seeing a significant number (dozens) of ThreadLocal variables
containing values of type ReentrantReadWriteLock$Sync$HoldCounter in a
single thread. From the code it would appear that each new
ReentrantReadWriteLock instance creates a new ThreadLocal variable named
readHolds which is never cleared. Is my interpretation correct?

  This is in Java 1.6.0_03


  Rob Griffin.
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