[concurrency-interest] ThreadPoolExecutor with corePoolSize as Zero

Rowlands, Ben (IT) Ben.Rowlands at morganstanley.com
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I also encountered this recently (some of the TPE configuration can be a
bit tricky). There are many posts on this is you Google around, for


The javadocs are very clear as to when threads will be created - and it
depends on the current pool size relative to the core and max sizes.

Note, core threads are only created on demand so you could just create a
pool with > 0 core thread(s). An idle thread is unlikely to impact
performance significantly. In JDK/6 (or if using latest backport.j.u.c)
you can allow core threads to timeout so they won't stick around if
there is nothing to do:

  ThreadPoolExecutor#allowCoreThreadsToTimeout( true );

Interestingly, if you run your code using the j.u.c implementation
bundled with JDK/6 it *does* work - it appears to start a new thread
before the queue is full. I never managed to track down the change that
fixed this - does anyone know what changed to cause this to work?.
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	When initializing a thread pool with a core-pool-size of Zero I
see that no threads execute the runnable tasks.

	Looking at this further it seems that only if the queue rejected
the offer, then a first thread will be created.


	A ThreadPoolExecutor with a SynchronousQueue() will work - but a
LinkedBlockingQueue() will not.
	Is this considered a known limitation? Must I initialize my pool
with corePoolSize as 1 with an unbounded queue?


	ThreadPoolExecutor pool = new ThreadPoolExecutor(0, 10, 60L,
TimeUnit.SECONDS, new LinkedBlockingQueue<Runnable>());


	for (int i=0; i<10; ++i)


	      pool.execute(new Runnable() {

	            public void run() {







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