[concurrency-interest] Executors, Work Manager, JEE

Gregg Wonderly gregg at cytetech.com
Thu Feb 1 13:42:10 EST 2007

Ryan LeCompte wrote:
> Thanks for responding. I basically need a safe way to asynchronously 
> schedule work to be executed, as well as schedule work to be executed 
> periodically (think Quartz or java.util.Timer). I was thinking I could 
> use the new Executor/task framework to achieve this, but I am not sure 
> if this is "safe" within JEE containers, although the new concurrency 
> utilities avoid the direct use of java.lang.Thread directly. Any insight 
> would be very helpful.

The JEE model is already using "pools" to dispatch inbound work requests (web 
pages or method calls etc).  I don't think that the design paradigm was intended 
to include so many of the other things that one might find in code that is more 
like an application or container itself.  As others have said, you might need to 
consider your design basis to see if you really should put that other stuff into 
another place such as a simple JSE application or into a larger service platform 
such as Jini or something else which can provide your the power that you need 
with the portability that you might desire.

Gregg Wonderly

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