[concurrency-interest] synchronize design

sidali ikhlef s_ikhlef at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 7 11:45:04 EST 2007


First thank you for all your suggestions. I will explore in details all 
propositions. Before that, i want to give more details about the 
synchronization problem:

I have four agents or simply threads, in the contex of intelligent tutoring 
systems, that i launch first. When i create the agents, i give them the 
shared resource throw constructor called Session. Session includes all 
learner session informations. Each agent can reads or writes on Session.

public class Session {

    private CurrentActivity currentActivity = null;
    private Environment environment = null;
    private GraphBuilder gb = null;

CurrentActivity can be extyended by many types 
CurrentProblemSolvingActivity, CurrentDemonstrationActivity ... etc.

1-Where exactly can i perform high leve synchronization mecanisms. On 
Session class, on ConcurrentActivity class, on each extended classes or on 
thread bodies?

2- Is it possible to synchronize using getters like:
    public Activity getCurrentActivity(){
    return  currentActivity;
and how?


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