[concurrency-interest] ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor woes

Hanson Char hanson.char at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 13:06:24 EST 2007


Can I presume the jcip/retry/*.java source code is in the public domain ?
If not, please kindly advise the licensing used.


Josh told me he'd be willing to distribute this more widely if there was
> sufficient interest.
> I've placed an incomplete draft of this code in a public area of the Java
> Concurrency in Practice source repository:
> https://dev.priorartisans.com/repos/jcip/trunk/src/main/jcip/retry/
> It's incomplete because it doesn't define AbstractRetryPolicy.
> What Bela describes is slightly different: each task can be submitted with
> its own "RetryPolicy". That could be achieved within Josh's framework, for
> example, by extending ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor and overriding
> decorateTask to do the requisite wrapping for tasks that implement
> RetryPolicy.
> --tim
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