[concurrency-interest] Extension(s) for distributed computing

Peter Kovacs peter.kovacs.1.0rc at gmail.com
Sun Feb 18 08:08:21 EST 2007


Are there any frameworks available that provide implementations for
the Executor or ExecutorService interface with extensions for
distributed work? (I have "light weight" frameworks in mind -- more
along the lines of tightly coupled clusters than WAN-based, "open"

Are there any hooks in the core util.concurrent implementations in
support of such extensions? (For example the ThreadPoolExecutor could
provide a plug-in interface for alternative "overflow" strategies,
such as: offer additional incoming tasks for remote execution after
all core threads are started and fully utilized before putting them on
the internal queue. This idea may not be very good, but is something
to start with.) Are there any plans to provide such hooks?

In general, I am interested in any technology/frameworks for
distributed computing which can be easily integrated with Java. Can
you suggest any such frameworks (possible free :-) ). Can you point me
to literature that can help me implement such a framework. (I remember
that "Concurrent Programming in Java" [which I have lent to one of my
colleagues] contains a lot of references to literature on distributed
computing -- actually too many to find the relevant ones among them;
and most of them apparently having a more theoretic approach than
desirable for my purpose. JCIP doesn't seem to include any relevant


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