[concurrency-interest] Jcip annotation license

Bela Ban belaban at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 27 09:53:54 EST 2007

Tim Peierls wrote:
> I'm sure there's no problem under the Creative Commons license as long 
> as you include the copyright and license notice and make it clear that 
> you have modified it. Check the CC link to be sure.

OK, done

> But although I don't see any legal obstacles here, consider that the 
> JCiP uses @GuardedBy, so @ProtectedBy risks confusing those of your 
> users who also read the book -- which we hope will be an increasingly 
> significant portion! :-) 
> @GuardedBy might not have been the best choice, but it's a widely 
> published choice. And "protected" already has another meaning in Java.

OK, I'll use @GuardedBy for now. Any plans to come up with a 
standardized set of annotations pertaining to concurrent programming ?

Bela Ban
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