[concurrency-interest] Closing a socket from another thread

studdugie studdugie at gmail.com
Thu Jan 4 18:17:01 EST 2007

Closing a socket from another thread works flawlessly in Sun JVM 1.5.x
and 1.6.x. I've been exercising this functionaly in the 1.5.x revisons
for at least 3 months. I just swithced to 1.6 and so far no problems.

On 12/19/06, Shaffer, Darron <Darron_Shaffer at stercomm.com> wrote:
> This is a pain before JDK 1.4, because every JVM has its own little quirks.
> In fact, for at least one 1.3 JVM closing a ServerSocket from a different
> thread would trigger a bug causing some future accepted sockets to be handed
> to the wrong ServerSocket!
> However, in 1.4 with the arrival of NIO the SocketChannel versions of
> sockets have much better specifications of thread behavior.  Its now
> supposed to just work, causing any threads blocked on the closed sockets to
> receive an exception.  However, I haven't tested this extensively because
> with NIO I avoid all blocking operations and don't have to do this sort of
> thing.
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> Hi,
> Anyone has an idea/experience how safe it is to close a socket from another
> thread. Are there any utility classes which help me close a socket safely?
> Thanks
> Peter
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