[concurrency-interest] Small request regarding TimeUnit

Kasper Nielsen kasper at kav.dk
Wed Jan 17 04:10:26 EST 2007

Dawid Kurzyniec wrote:
> Kasper Nielsen wrote:
>> Dawid Kurzyniec wrote:
>>> Kasper Nielsen wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> Whenever I use TimeUnit and need to do any reporting in regards to 
>>>> that. I often prefer outputting the actual unit in a short 
>>>> notation, for example, ns instead of nanoseconds, µs instead of 
>>>> microseconds, ...
>>>> I think it would a small but usefull addition (for some) to add 
>>>> some kind of
>>>> String getShortForm() method to TimeUnit.
>>> I think MICROSECONDS might be problematic. Should it print u, or µ 
>>> ?... I guess, depending on the context, people might want to have it 
>>> either way.
>>> D
>> I would vote for µ, anyway should be a matter of a simple 
>> .replace('µ','u') if people wants u instead
> Actually, there is more questions. hours vs hrs, min vs mins vs m, etc. 

Dawid, all the different units in TimeUnit have a well established 
symbols within the SI system.
ns = nanoseconds
µs = microseconds
ms = milliseconds
s = seconds
min = minutes
h = hours
d = days

Take a look at http://physics.nist.gov/cuu/Units/prefixes.html and 

- Kasper

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