[concurrency-interest] Yet another Java STM implementation

Joseph Seigh jseigh_cp00 at xemaps.com
Sat Mar 3 16:36:15 EST 2007

I put a hopefully working prototype Java STM package out on
SourceForge.net: Lock-free synchronization primitives 
in the xmem_0-0-0 release.

It uses a proxy collector to manage object versions.  This means
it can be ported to C using other proxy collectors such as RCU
or other proxy collectors based on SMR hazard pointers or
reference counting subject a few additional considerations.

It's mainly a practice implementation (in case I have to do
a real one) with attention to api issues.  E.g. I wll probably
make a distinction between read only transactions and write
transactions to allow the optional use of a conventional
rwlock to handle forward progress on too many retries.
I.e.  write transactions get a read lock to work in parallel
and get a write lock to guarantee forward progress if
necessary.   Stuff like that.

Joe Seigh

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