[concurrency-interest] LockSmith: Automated Refactoring for JSR-166

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Tue Mar 20 15:24:39 EDT 2007

Sixth and Red River software is pleased to announce the release of  
LockSmith 1.0.  LockSmith extends IntelliJ IDEA with automated  
refactorings and code transformations for concurrent Java programs.   
Both native Java synchronization and JSR-166 locking are supported,  
as are the "Java Concurrency in Practice" concurrency annotations.

Code transformations and refactorings provided by LockSmith include

*Split Lock
*Merge Lock
*Make Class Thread-Safe
*Lock Method Call-Sites
*Split Critical Section
*Shrink Critical Section
*Merge Critical Sections
*Convert Synchronization Field To Lock
*Convert Simple Lock to Read-Write Lock
*Convert Read-Write Lock to Simple Lock
*Make Field Atomic
*Make Field ThreadLocal

Future scope for LockSmith will include support for converting  
programs from explicit Thread creation to Executor use, extracting  
computations as Callables or Futures, and code audits for JCiP  

For more information, go to http://www.sixthandredriver.com/ 

(Sorry if this is unacceptable spam, but it seemed like something  
that this mailing list should know about.  If anyone wishes to  
complain, we will apologize and promise not to do it again.)

Sixth and Red River Software
"Code with Grace and Verve

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