[concurrency-interest] Question: Concurrent Memoizer pattern with SoftHashMap

Kwok, Grace (MSCIBARRA) Grace.Kwok at mscibarra.com
Tue Nov 20 18:38:54 EST 2007

Posting again due to posting problem earlier.

Hi all,
    I am refactoring code and would like to use the Memoizer pattern
but I need my cache to be a concurrent soft hash map instead of simply a
// recall the concurrent Memoizer pattern where cache is a
public V compute(final A arg) throws Exception{
   Future<V> f = cache.get(arg);
      Callable<V> eval = new Callable<V>(){....}
    FutureTask<V> ft = new FutureTask<V>(eval);
    f = cache.putIfAbsent(arg, ft);
    if(f == null){
        f = ft;
If I were to base soft hash map on  this,
(search for title "New SoftHashMap")
does anyone has any suggestion of having the Memoizer and SoftHashMap
concepts working together such that I do not need to use explicit
Thanks, Grace

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