[concurrency-interest] Good terminology for setting up effectively immutable objects?

Matthias Ernst matthias at mernst.org
Mon Apr 28 06:48:53 EDT 2008


often I neither want a huge (number of) constructor(s) nor want to
jump through hoops of using a Builder to guarantee final-ness of my
object's dependencies but want to rely on effective immutability
instead. I want to rely on my clients' common sense that anything that
is not documented as changeable should not be changed during use. I.e.
a number of setters that they may only call a) before starting to use
the object and b) before publishing it to other threads.

Is there a concise term to document this? I don't want to repeat that
sermon above all over. @SetupMethod?
Sorry if this can be found in JCIP. I don't have one handy right now.


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