[concurrency-interest] jsr166y IndexedProcedure ?

Doug Lea dl at cs.oswego.edu
Mon Aug 18 15:40:55 EDT 2008

David J. Biesack wrote:
> Back in January, there was some discussion of the jsr166y
> forkjoin/ParallelArray API. I had proposed the ability to pass the
> element index to the procedure via a ParallelArray.apply. Doug replied
>   "... the lack of an indexed-procedure version of apply is
>    a bug; thanks for pointing it out! This will be added."
> I've hit another case where this would be useful, so I'm just checking the status
> of any API changes along these lines.

Still on the todo list. Sorry for the long delay. I've been
revamping some of the underlying FJ mechanics to provide
better support for extended capabilities (phasers, new forms
of Async tasks etc) that also invite use of some better algorithms
underlying ParallelArray. All this needs to come together a
bit more before checkin/release. Hopefully within a week or
so, followed soon after by business-as-usual improvements like
this one.


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