[concurrency-interest] ParallelArray.binarySearch

Doug Lea dl at cs.oswego.edu
Mon Feb 4 07:30:20 EST 2008

Hanson Char wrote:
>> This is a transient fact.
> How about the return value being different/inconsistent with that of
> Arrays.binarySearch ?  

Thanks! I'll change them to match.

> Another trivia - about 2 years ago, I proposed a JAXB fluent api using
> the "with*" convention for method chaining:
>   https://jaxb2-commons.dev.java.net/fluent-api
> Now that I see such convention being extensively used in
> ParrallelArray, I can't help thinking there is a causal relationship
> :)

The idea of using fluent style here is from Tim Peierls;
He'll have to answer about what led to the suggestion.


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