[concurrency-interest] sr166y.forkjoin.Ops vs the world outside

Mark Mahieu mark at twistedbanana.demon.co.uk
Thu Feb 7 04:08:29 EST 2008


Given the comment in the javadoc for jsr166y.forkjoin.Ops that some  
of the interfaces therein may be better placed out in the wild world  
that is the rest of the JDK, I've been thinking about how that might  
look once they are removed from the context of the forkjoin API.

The 'CICE closures' proposal also suggests a number of Operation/ 
Function type interfaces, so I've added some interfaces derived from  
Ops.* to the CICE prototype I've been building.

For the curious, I've written up a brief description of what I've  
done so far at http://markmahieu.blogspot.com/ which includes links  
to the javadoc and the prototype itself.

Any comments would be most welcome.


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