[concurrency-interest] JSR-1 and JSR-166

David Holmes dcholmes at optusnet.com.au
Thu Jan 3 00:21:53 EST 2008

Hello Guy,

Short answer: no. There's no active JSR work in this area, though a number
of people are no doubt thinking about some of the issues.

You should be able to use a ThreadPoolExecutor with real-time threads
"simply" by using an appropriate ThreadFactory, but of course configuration
of real-time threads is a little more involved then for regular Java
threads. Plus you are likely to want to prioritize the work that you pass to
the executor and have it execute in a suitable RTT. That can be done by
having each Runnable/Callable do the necessary configuration itself, but of
course this would run at the default priority of the pool threads (or the
priority they were left in). A priority-aware thread pool would be a
somewhat different beast than JSR-166's ThreadPoolExecutor (see Real-time
Corba's "lanes" based thread pool for something that might be more

That said, as with any of the core libraries, you are likely to encounter
problem if you try to use NoHeapRealtimeThreads as part of a pool; similarly
you may encounter problems if you try to create and/or use a pool from

I'm not aware of anyone actually trying to use JSR-166 thread pools with an
RTSJ implementation.

David Holmes
JSR-166 EG Member, JSR-1 Technical Interpretation Committee Member, JSR-282
(RTSJ 1.1) EG Member
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  Is there any work to integrate the two JSRs?
  e.g. RealTime threads and thread pools?

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