[concurrency-interest] ConcurrentHashMap NullPointerException

Endre Stølsvik Online at stolsvik.com
Sat Jan 5 11:14:44 EST 2008

BJ Low wrote:

> At time t1, Thread-X submits a Runnable to threadpool,
> At time t2, Thread-1 from the threadpool runs the Runnable and call 
> changeVal(1);
> AFTER changeVal(1) from Thread-1 is completed, then at time t3 ....
> At time t3, Thread-X submits another Runnable to threadpool
> At time t4, Thread-2 from the threadpool runs the Runnable and call 
> readVal();
> .... i missed out the red statement above.

Pretty vital little piece, don't you think?

> I think in above case, the 
> happens-before property is very important, cause if at t3, it is 
> Thread-1, but not Thread-X that submits the Runnable, then there will 
> not be any memory consistency errors.

How do you KNOW that the "red statement" has happened? That is, that the 
changeVal(1) from Thread-1 is completed??

Because I can't quite see how that information is transmitted _without_ 
a happens-before edge being established at the same time - thereby 
ensuring that Thread-2 will see the 1.


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