[concurrency-interest] More FJ/PA examples and documentation needed

Tim Peierls tim at peierls.net
Tue Jan 22 11:59:21 EST 2008

I'd like encourage folks who have any experience with or enthusiasm for the
new jsr166y classes to contribute articles to the wiki at


Anything about fork-join, ParallelArray, and friends is fair game: examples
of use (real or artificial), tools, documentation aids, and any other
observations. In addition, over the years this mailing list has generated a
lot of potentially useful concurrency-related code snippets that have never
been gathered in an organized way. Please feel free to use this wiki to
remedy that situation as well.

Jacques DeFarge has already done some great work putting in a basic
structure. (Thanks, Jacques!)  Don't be shy -- if you've run some code and
it appears to do something useful or instructive, it's probably worth
sharing with the community, even (perhaps especially!) if it has flaws.

Please limit code contributions to snippets that are not fettered by any
licensing issues. If you want to include licensed code in your examples,
provide links to it instead and put a warning to this effect in the link
text. (I'd appreciate advice on whether a less restrictive policy is

There's nothing preventing anonymous contributions, but if possible, leave
contact info so others can consult you before making revisions to your

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