[concurrency-interest] More FJ/PA examples and documentation needed (Tim Peierls)

David J. Biesack David.Biesack at sas.com
Tue Jan 22 14:13:15 EST 2008

> Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 11:59:21 -0500
> From: Tim Peierls <tim at peierls.net>
> Subject: [concurrency-interest] More FJ/PA examples and documentation needed
> I'd like encourage folks who have any experience with or enthusiasm for the
> new jsr166y classes to contribute articles to the wiki at
> http://artisans-serverintellect-com.si-eioswww6.com/default.asp?W1

Thanks for putting this up, Tim. 

I added some more very basic examples to the Examples pages : http://artisans-serverintellect-com.si-eioswww6.com/default.asp?W6 :

  Creating arrays: http://artisans-serverintellect-com.si-eioswww6.com/default.asp?W17

  Initializing arrays: http://artisans-serverintellect-com.si-eioswww6.com/default.asp?W18

  Modifying arrays: http://artisans-serverintellect-com.si-eioswww6.com/default.asp?W19

and put in placeh olders for othe examples:

    Combining arrays
    Using subarrays
    Filtering arrays
    Chaining Mappings, Filters, and Bounds  

Is there any way to alter the stylesheet of the wiki so that the page width is a bit wider (i.e. less padding on the left and right)? The narrow page setting is causing code snippets to wrap at unfortunate line boundaries, and this is not evident in the WYSIWYG edit mode, only when you save pages.

> --tim

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