[concurrency-interest] visibility vs. cache coherency

Endre Stølsvik Online at stolsvik.com
Wed Mar 12 07:14:28 EDT 2008

David Holmes wrote:
> Samuel,
> If you don't care about latency or ordering issues (which tend to be 
> exactly the things we do care about!) then visibility on a hardware 
> cache coherent system is not an issue - a write to a variable will 
> become visible within a bounded time.

What if, as you mention, the compiler caches the variable in some 
register, and this happens to be within some main loop of the program? 
Without explicit happens-before edges (syncs, locks or volatiles) 
between the threads concerned, couldn't this variable just be cached 
literally forever - in regards to the program flow?

PS: This might be interesting:


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