[concurrency-interest] jsr166y reorganization and updates

Doug Lea dl at cs.oswego.edu
Tue Jan 6 10:08:17 EST 2009

Most of the promised updates and reorganization of jsr166y
for Java7 described last month are now in place.
Package jsr166y contains only those classes slated to
be included in Java7: TransferQueue, Phaser, and
the overhauled basic ForkJoin framework. These will
eventually be renamed again to be in Java7 java.util.concurrent.
Classes that didn't make it for inclusion (mainly
ParallelArray et al) are still available in
package extra166y.

ConcurrentReferenceHashMap is not yet included
but is due up next. Also, the proposed Fences
API cannot be included in jsr166y prereleases but
must await integration with Java7 java.util.concurrent.

The main changes in ForkJoin support managed
blocking and parallelism maintenance, which
in turn enables ForkJoinPool to be declared
as ExecutorService and ForkJoinTask as Future.
This also led to some method name changes
to conform to Executor conventions. (For example,
the method originally invoke, then forkJoin,
is now back to invoke :-) ForkJoinTask now
better supports extension, so only the two
most common flavors, RecursiveTask and RecursiveAction
are supplied -- others can now be added by those
wanting to introduce new styles of FJ processing
(although this needs better documentation).

See the usual places:
* API specs:  http://gee.cs.oswego.edu/dl/jsr166/dist/jsr166ydocs/
* jar file: http://gee.cs.oswego.edu/dl/jsr166/dist/jsr166y.jar
* CVS sources: http://gee.cs.oswego.edu/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/jsr166/src/jsr166y/

And see http://gee.cs.oswego.edu/dl/concurrency-interest/index.html
for other links including extra166y package.


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