[concurrency-interest] [Javamemorymodel-discussion] Fences.keepAlive

Michael Bien mbien at fh-landshut.de
Thu Jan 22 10:13:28 EST 2009

has it already been considered to move the Fences.* API into a sun 
package like Unsafe etc. or even into a external library (@see JDK7 
modules)? I am still not convinced that it is necessary to introduce it 
as public API ;)

I don't think Fences is a API which addresses mainstream problems. It is 
probably rather a feature you would need inside libraries to solve 
corner cases.

i hope you hide it well in javadoc to prevent overuse ;). I fear this 
may cause more bad written code than help fixing corner cases...



Doug Lea wrote:
> Joe Bowbeer wrote:
>> More related to keepAlive:
>> 1. Names
>>  I think one of the "until" names better conveys what it is trying to 
>> do.
> I'm thinking we are veering back to just "keepAlive", but
> with a bit more tutorial explanation that helps people make
> sense of the name. I did another edit pass pulling the
> usage example to class-level doc and explaining a bit more.
> More suggestions for improvement would be welcome.
> http://gee.cs.oswego.edu/dl/jsr166/dist/docs/java/util/concurrent/atomic/Fences.html 
>> 3. Concerning "strongly reachable" in the method description, should 
>> this link to "reachability" instead:
> Yes, thanks. I was having trouble getting javadoc to emit that
> package-doc URL rather than class doc URL, but now fixed.
> -Doug
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