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Grazi, Victor victor.grazi at credit-suisse.com
Mon Jun 15 15:28:51 EDT 2009

I wanted the members of this list to be aware of an instructive Java
application that is designed to educate developers on the use and
functioning of the components in the java concurrent library.
The application hosts a series of interactive animations, one per
component (e.g. CyclicBarrier, ReadWriteLock). The user presses buttons
on the UI corresponding to methods on the component to see how the
threads interact with each other and with some blocking structure. A
code snippet pane highlights the relevant code as the threads do their

The animations are written in Java and each animation is actually
controlled by the underlying concurrent component it is illustrating.
Therefore it depicts the true run-time behavior of the component.
I invite you to download the application, which is now hosted on
SourceForge as an Open Source project.

I am hoping that if users interact with the animations, they will be
more inclined to use the concurrent libraries.
Also, developers could use the animations as a reference when carving
out a concurrent architecture.

I would greatly welcome any feedback from this list.

Much thanks
Victor Grazi

CreditSuisse / HOLT
VP - Application Development
Tel: 212-538-5703

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