[concurrency-interest] Useful concurrency aspect

Ashley Williams ashpublic at mac.com
Tue Jun 23 17:46:14 EDT 2009

Here is another helper that can enforce a subset of immutable for  
aspectj projects.
It gets the compiler to check that any class marked with the Immutable  
annotation doesn't (effectively) contain any non final fields.
The aspect/annotation should probably be changed to something like  
"JustFinals" since I now realize the definition of immutable isn't  
quite so

public aspect ImmutablePolicy {
	declare error : set(!static !final * (@Immutable *).*) : "immutable  
classes can't assign to non final fields";
	public static @interface Immutable {

However there must be a great deal of boilerplate code and design  
pattern enforcement that aspectj can help with. The most obvious
one that springs to mind is some around advice that surrounds a method  
with a reentrant lock that makes sure it is released correctly.
In fact if I recall correctly, one of the objections in the jcip book  
for not abandoning intrinsic locks was that it is easy to forget to  
reentrant locks.

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