[concurrency-interest] actor frameworks

Alex Miller alexdmiller at yahoo.com
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I think Scala's is mature enough that I'd plan a production app on it (with caveats for early perf testing).  I would want to thrash the others more first.  Kilim does compile-time weaving which I find to be a pain from a tooling point of view, regardless of whether it works.  I'm not sure whether any of the Java frameworks have been tested much if at all on big multi-core machines.  I'm hoping to grab a few cycles to try them at work if we have a machine free.  From the small benchmarking I've done in the past and that I've read from others, the basics like message send are very fast, in the same general order of magnitude with Erlang.  It's really hard to tell how good the scheduling and other critical parts are though without really building an app-level benchmark.

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> Lots of options these days.

yeah, but the question is, which ones are actually robust? :-)

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