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> I think Scala's is mature enough that I'd plan a production app on  
> it (with caveats for early perf testing).


Whenever I look at actors, I see the message queues I first saw in big  
banks 15 years ago. They'd been there longer. I was what was new. They  
work great, provide a good trade space between speed and reliability.  
The most common patterns to use are either Actors or Events. When you  
say Actor I hear MessageListener.

The only big change with message queues was their unification of API  
via the JMS spec in 1999. The JMS spec itself is pretty remarkable --  
almost eight years without even a minor revision, and no major  
revision in ten years. (Compare that to the arms race that is JDBC.)


> I would want to thrash the others more first.  Kilim does compile- 
> time weaving which I find to be a pain from a tooling point of view,  
> regardless of whether it works.  I'm not sure whether any of the  
> Java frameworks have been tested much if at all on big multi-core  
> machines.  I'm hoping to grab a few cycles to try them at work if we  
> have a machine free.  From the small benchmarking I've done in the  
> past and that I've read from others, the basics like message send  
> are very fast, in the same general order of magnitude with Erlang.   
> It's really hard to tell how good the scheduling and other critical  
> parts are though without really building an app-level benchmark.
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>> Lots of options these days.
> yeah, but the question is, which ones are actually robust? :-)
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